Getting the most from your Reeftek

7 May 2007
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I am trying to optimise my reeftek RS2 without changing too much or spending a lot of money on it.
I have it connected to my overflow and I am not sure if this is the best idea.

If I turn off both recirc pumps I can see quite big bubbles coming down from the durso. Could this affect the bubble production ?
I have also taken off the two silencers and I immediatly noticed a big improvement.

Any other Ideas ?
I have also taken off the two silencers and I immediatly noticed a big improvement.

The Silencers defineatly restrict air flow and would slow performance down.

Smithers the only thing left to do really is make sure that your feed rate for the skimmer is optimum and then playing around with the water level in the chamber until you hit the sweetspot ;)
That durso just dont do it for me. Yes its quiet but you get this water plunging effect. Hence causing big bubble which totally messes with skimmate, cos you trying to get zero turbulence in the skimmer.
Do yours do that Smithers?
Mine does do that. That is why I think I am going to connect a 1000 LPH pump onto the skimmer. I love the idea of all the water being skimmed but at what cost to the skimmate ?
If I do that I can then upgrade the plumbing into my tank and make it 32mm. Much more flow. At the moment it is 16 mm and the water flow is quite restricted.
Hmm I have just changed from a feed pump to overflow...guess I made a boo boo.... is there much point in sending 5000l of water to the sump if your skimmer can only handle 1000l? Surly it would be best to cut the return down to what the skimmer wants?
Smithers, i have taken the durso off now. So basically just a pipe it drains into. It is still helluva quiet and no more of the 'water dump' effect.
But i have changed my skimmer so im not worried about that anymore.
If you wish, remove the durso and see how it goes. Would hate to see you change everything....
My Durso works very well. It keeps the water at a constant level in the overflow chamber. It is a pretty easy thing to change my skimmer to be a pump run skimmer.
SIMS - If I block the hole on the Durso it fills up and drains and repeats this cycle.

DR - How do i know what the optimum feed rate for the skimmer is ?
Yip gavin mine did this too but I put a ball valve to restrict the flow in the dorso with a bit of playing I managed to find the spot where it does not empty the overflow box at all...this has stopped all big bubbles to the skimmer. I also want to know the optimum flow for my skimmer?
Normally Mekaeel as the silencer does tend to restrict air flow.
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