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    I am not sure of what questions are acceptible in terms of vendors. I have read your member introduction but would a question like "which are the best vendors in the CT southern suburbs ?" be appropriate?

    I have dealt with a few vendors but would be reluctant to post anything untoward as 1) they might recognise me and that would make life difficult in future dealings; and
    2) I'm not sure if that is permitted under your regulations.

    Anyway, enough of the legalese. Here's a question for you.

    Is anyone aware of problems in having false and true Percula Clowns together. When I initially set up the tank, amongst others I had one false and one true Percula. They got on fine together but when some months later I added 2 more True Clowns I found that I had started "gang warfare". The original True "bonded" with the 2 new Trues and ostracised the poor false. This to the extent that if he sticks his head out from under his refuge he gets chased and gets his fins nipped. The Damsels and Tang have also started to get in on the act. The only creature he seems comfortable with is the Cowrie but I am sure he's going to join in real soon!!;)

    I have to feed the fish very slowly so as to give the false a chance to get some tucker whilst the others are busy pigging out.

    I am seriously thinking of getting a small, self contained aquarium for him and a few friendly falsies.

    Question 2. How do you sex fish?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Alway introduce ALL clowns at the same time, otherwise you will have WAR.

    Depends on species, some you can (called sexual dimorphism, eg HUMANS), some you can't.
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    Some way off topic here but welcome to MASA

    clown fish fall into the group "protandrous hermaphrodites" this means that they are borne as male and the dominant male turns to a female for reproduction purposes. Issues of aggressiveness are caused by adding a female to an existing group or a dominant male to a group.

    Your additions were in conflict of the social group and the less dominant female will most likely change back to a male or be killed in the struggle for dominance. By hiding under a rock or away from the social group two thing are possible. The fish has submitted and will change back to a male and rejoin the group or it is seeking it's own territory and support from males lower down in the original group.

    This scenario is OK in biggish tanks (800l) up, but normally leads to fatalities in lesser ones.
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