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8 May 2007
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Neptune Systems has a new PAR Monitoring kit that allows for continuous light-level monitoring for your aquarium. The simple kit allows you to get a better understanding of your aquarium’s light level – 24 hours a day.

The new PAR monitoring kit is a great way to get a realistic snapshot of the actual light shining down on your reef the entire day. With a “big picture” view in hand, you are better equipped to adjust your lights with the confidence of knowing you will not be giving too much or too little light to your corals and plants.

Why would you want to monitor lighting with this? With the advent of LEDs, our lighting schedules have gotten more sophisticated and the color and intensity variables mean it’s easy to over expose corals to excessive light that is not visible to the human eye that can lead to bleaching and burning of corals.

What is nice about this is this kit is the rugged sensor hides inside Real Reef rock so not only does it sit in place, but it will blend in more to your system. The custom designed rock, holds the sensor snuggly and gives you the look of real rock while you’re monitoring your system

If you control your lighting with the Apex, there is an extra bonus. The lighting wizard in Apex Fusion shows you your previous days light level across the day superimposed with the light wizard graph. According to the company, up until now you had to pretty much guess at what adjustments. With the PAR monitoring kit, you can easily make lighting changes and see the effects of those changes in one simple interface.

The kit include the Neptune PAR Sensor, an Advanced Sensors Module, Real Reef Rock and 6 ft. AquaBus Cable and requires an Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr.

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