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Get up to 25% discount!! As many times you want

15 Dec 2007
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Hi fellow hobbyists

No that is not a typo!!! We will give you a maximum of 25% discount’* on your next purchase if you enter for this.

Basically – you supply me with new clients whatsapp details and I pay you with 2.5% discount per customer up to 10 new customers at a time.

‘* this is calculated per entry and products on special or promotion are excluded
‘* Unfortunately due to the extremely low mark-up on expensive items, this percentage might have to have to be changed accordingly BUT ONLY if really necessary.

Who qualify to enter?

• MASA & TASA forum members
• Clients of Pet Stop SA
• Email Newsletter subscribers and
• Whatsapp subscribers

Who can you enter?
Anyone you know that have either a marine or tropical aquarium or want to start one in the near future.

How do you enter?
Really easy,
• If you can visit Pet Stop SA
Fill in the entry form at the counter and add up to 10 people to subscribe to whatsapp.
I will then capture your entry
AND next time you visit Pet Stop SA you just pick-up your voucher.
• If you cannot visit Pet Stop SA
You send me a PM and I send you the full details
Send me and email to moolis@petstopsa.co.za and I will send you the form to fill in and send back.
I will then capture your entry
AND send you, your voucher via email to use for your next order. (SEE OUR POST REGARDING SHIPPING HERE)

What happen to your form?
1. First I confirm that your own number is on our existing subscribers list – If it is not I add it
2. Then I confirm that the numbers you sent me are not on the list already, If it is you will not qualify for discount on that number BUT you will be allowed to add another number in its place.
3. I send each of them a whatsapp telling them that you introduced them to Pet Stop SA and then I giving them details regarding how to subscribe.
4. If they respond I add them
5. Then I test that they do receive our private whatsapp messages
6. If this process is completed successfully I add 2.5% discount to your entry.
7. If they fail to respond the number is deleted from your list
8. When a form is completed I Hand it to the counter (if it was a shop entry) or send you an email with your voucher

What happen if one of your 10 entry’s does not successfully subscribe?
I will send you a whatsapp with that detail and you could assist me to get it fixed.

How many times can you enter?
As many times as you want

Will this info be sold?
NEVER!!! This is exclusively and ONLY for Pet Stop GROUP and we guarantee it will not be sold or give away.

Why whatsapp?
Forum members are not necessarily Pet Stop SA customers and we need to build a database of Pet Stop SA customers for a CLIENT LOYAL REWARD PROGRAM, this will have lots of extra benefits and perks for members, some that have not been seen in the pet trade up to now.
My whatsapp database is the most complete and he told me to work exclusively on that basis as a starting point.
AND to ensure a fast and smooth implementation we want our IT guy to capture all the existing clients in advance.

Pet Stop SA Greeting

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