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    We know we have the best fans and wanted to make sure you are able to get the most out of the entire Reef Builders experience and wanted to share our new Chrome browser extension and social media links. For our fans using Google Chrome, you have to download the new Chrome extension*that allows you to load Reef Builders with one click. This is a great way to fire up Reef Builders whenever you want right from your browser dashboard.

    Did you also know we also have a variety of social media channels for you to connect with us and the fantastic content we bring you day after day? From Google+ to Facebook to Twitter, as well as Instagram and Pinterest…we have it covered. To make it easy for you to connect with us, here are links to our pages. Just click on the icon and make sure to follow along!

    * f_logo-e1363714010148.jpg * twitter-bird-white-on-blue-e1363714114474.png Instagram_Icon_Medium-e1363714626830.png google-plus-e1363725303565.png pinterest_badge_red-e1363714726319.png <h4 class='related_post_title'>Readers also viewed:

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