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    cardiff2.jpg It looks like Current USA is looking to get rid of a bunch of 27 gallon Cardiff Aquariums offering them for a really great price of just $149 for the tank, stand and filtration system — only caveat is, you need buy eight. The details of this deal appears to be geared towards retail stores but the pricing is something that can’t be ignored. If getting eight is too much stock to have on hand, purchase four and get it for $179 each.

    The limited time deal might not last long and also includes your choice of black, espresso, cherry or blond stand. Every Cardiff Aquarium come ready to use and according to the company’s website includes:

    • * Intake venturi protein skimmer
    • * Surface-skimming overflow
    • * Built in freshwater top-off system
    • * Biological, mechanical and chemical filtration
    • * Dedicated heater section with constant level water flow
    • * Flexible return nozzle with dual outlets
    • * Removable beveled glass top

    If you’re interested in getting a pallet of these puppies, the price does not include taxes and shipping. Make sure to contact Current USA or your Current USA rep to find out more.
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