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    Germany’s Marine Organisms has released two different flavors of metal halide lighting in a 14,000K and 16,000K colored lamps. The design of these lamps is for reefers looking for a nice, natural look without heavy blue accents on the tank. With the newer 14,000K design, the lamp has a relatively high proportion of blue, but with a a definite white look for a more natural overall look. According to the company, the yellow tinge created by degrading organics in the water is compensated for with these lamps. The 16,000K design will give you more of a dose of blue color without a noticeable yellow spike.

    This lamp is not as heavy a blue as your typical 20,000K but will produce a pleasant light that still gives you a crisp, white sandbed and you may opt for not using supplemental actinic lighting. All the bulbs come in double ended (70W, 150W and 250W) and E40 mogul (250W and 400W) options and range in price from around €53 to €89 (approx. $70 to $118 USD). Follow the break for a spectral graph comparison of the two bulbs. The bulbs have been available in Europe for a few months but no word on if these will ever see the shores in the U.S.

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