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8 May 2007
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A German artist has turned a former gas storage tower into a full-scale, 360-degree panoramic display of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Located in Leipzig, Berlin-based artist Yadegar Asisi projects a visual panorama on a a giant circular screen inside the old gasomenter.

The projection immersed visitors in images from the Great Barrier Reef at real scale. The display spans about 3,500 square meters — 32 meters high and 110 meters in circumference. Without getting wet, visitors are taken on a visual expedition to the largest coral reef on earth.

The hyper-realistic art space shows a vibrant display of colors of all the corals and other lifeforms that make the reef a majestic place. There are also changing light conditions, presenting what the reef looks like at various times of day accompanied by a soundscape for a truly immersive experience.

[via Designboom, All Images by Tom Schulze © asisi]

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