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6 May 2007
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Inverness Scotland
Just starting to put together my dream.

The cabinet has been home made by myself and the aquarium will be constructed on site at the end of June by Windsor aquatics here in the UK.

The dimentions will be 81" by 31" by 31" with twin 1.5" overflows and also twin 1" returns with penductor nozzles.

I hope also to add a tunze wavebox one the waters in and the bank manager is out!!

She's a cutie pie. How much space is behind the cabinet?
The lighting will be via 3 by 400w cooltube lighting
and triple atinic 5' tubes.
Air will be forced past the bulbs with an inline fan from outside. This will lower the heat transfer from the lights to the tank to only 5%.

Sill under construction

I really like those fittings, need to find somebody in SA who stocks them. Well done on the cabinet, looks awsum.
I really like the look of those lamp holders.
No space behind the cabinet.
Its an optical illusion.
The left hand tall cabinet was made only 8" deep to hold dvd's the right side tall unit is around 26" deep.
Where you see the tank hole..... this is full depth to the wall behind 31"
The reason for this is due to me wanting to fit the biggest tank into this area which used to have a door leading to our kitcken but now the door is sited elsewhere

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Sorry my bad i meant the lamp holders, not thinking strait at the moment.
Me bad too............. it was Galibore that asked the question!

You're not going to see the men in white coats quite yet!
I love these lamp holders becuse of the air "ducts". I think this will help alot with the heat issues surrounding the use of MH.
Geordie, do you perhaps know who manufactures them? We can maybe get a local guy to import some to S.A.
Hay Geordie, looking good so far :)

Can't wait to see the progress on this set up.
hi there !
looking nice !
can i just ask why you did not do hole in the wall ?> if your kitchen is the other side of the wall ?
Hiya Geordie... any updated pics.. I am jumping up and down.. the miss approved the new tank 2.5m x 800mm x 700mm - the down side is I had to agree to make it a discus tank but I have a plan.. no worries it wont go that far.. LOL
The wall behind is the kitchen so no hole in the wall tank allowed by the wife
Boooooooooo !!

The tank is due to be built the first week in July.
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