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    Geo’s reef is a premium acrylic manufacturer that has been producing high end skimmers and reactors such as their sulphur reactor for a long while now. Although Geo’s Reef tends to be a bit pricier than some of the competition, their great microbatch craftsmanship has endured. Now they have released a new filter sock holder that is meant for high flow applications, for those with larger tank, or simmply wish more turn over in their sump. The main difference between the more standard filter sock holders and the new Geo’s reef version is the addition of a splash guard which should greatly reduce salt creep,

    Most filter sock holders usually consist simply of a flat acrylic plate which is then bend to hang over your sump’s side walls. A hole is then cut in the middle into which the filter sock is placed.This works great for low flow applications, but in high flow conditions this can result in the previously mentioned salt spray. The splash guard was thus added. In addition to the splash guard the new Geo’s Reef filter sock holder also utilizes piping which directs the water into the filter sock further preventing splashing and the build up of salt creep.
    For more information, or you would like to order one, head over to Geo’s reef website.
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