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    Genio Systems has a new transportation and general purpose new container called the Genio Safebox. The Safebox is specially designed to be an all around “satellite” aquarium to your main tank which can be used for just about any temporary holding and short term treatments and conditioning that aquarists might want to do with their new or established fish and corals.

    Genio is making the Safebox in three sizes ranging from 1.7, 3.5 and 6 liters to house fish and corals of a desired size. The Safebox is specially designed and equipped with a dedicated coral-holding cradle that prevents the kind of mechanical damage that can happen to corals when they are packed up in a plastic bag on their return trip from the fish store.

    [​IMG]And if you are transporting fish, the Safebox also doubles as a perfect acclimation chamber with a sealed top and dual inlet-outlet hoses to make it easy to gradually acclimate fish from one kind of aquarium water to another. Alternatively, the Safebox is also ideal for treating fish in a makeshift quarantine or hospital tank, as well as examining new corals and treating them in a coral dip for a full cleanse before they hit the main display tank.

    At first it may be kind of hard to imagine the usefulness and ingenuity of what the Genio Safebox is supposed to be for. But if you’re like us and you handle new fish and new corals pretty frequently, the usefulness of it will become apparent after subsequent uses to give fish and corals the special care and attention they sometimes need to have the best jumpstart to become a part of your marine aquarium environment. [Genio]

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