Genicanthus lamarck: An Elegant, Reef-Safe Angelfish

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    Owing to the natural tendency of many species to nip at or outright consume sessile invertebrates, angelfishes are often of dubious suitability when it comes to their inclusion in reef aquariums. However, at least one angelfish—Lamarck’s angel (Genicanthus lamarck)—is generally very well behaved in reef systems and quite attractive to boot. Physical traits G. lamarck ... [Read More]

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    Nice writeup. But the picture of the female Lamarck is not right. That is a fish already half way through the process of turning into a male

    Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Lamarck's Angelfish
    Here is a much better picture of a female. The thick black band curves and extends down to the bottom part of the tail fin.

    I have a big male, and recently introduced a small female. Although they are not as colorful as other angels, they are beautiful in their own right.

    As a last remark, the male grew rather fast. Fastest grower of all my fish I have. Do not put them in a small tank as you will either have to pass it on or upgrade to bigger tank next year.
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