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4 May 2007
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The following article deals with what we in the hobby take for granted with regards to corals where by Softies and LPS are considered easy and the Sps difficult. First question what is the difference between SPS and LPS and where is that line drawn and who draws it. Read futher, this article really makes you think and may help some of us SPS keepers get off our high horses.

"As I was perusing the coral tanks in a fish store a year or so ago, I recall overhearing a conversation between a staff member of the store and a budding reef hobbyist. A large display aquarium sat just around the corner replete with many stony corals, mostly of the genus Acropora.

"This," the staffer explained, "replicates a high energy reef zone. The lighting is strong, the water flow is strong and the corals are fast-growing." Well enough said, I thought to myself. "These are mostly small-polyped-that is, small-mouthed-corals." I suppose that's true, I thought. Those corals do all have fairly small polyps. "These corals, on the other hand," pointing to a tank containing colonies of the genus Euphyllia and then motioning to some mussids and a few Trachyphyllia, "are large-polyped-that is, large-mouthed-corals. With such a large mouth they tend to have a large demand for food and a smaller demand for light, whereas the small-mouthed corals tend to have a bigger demand for light and less demand for food." The hobbyist nodded excitedly as she was introduced to a new world of knowledge. I couldn't help but sigh to myself." Quoted from Reef Central

the rest of the article can be found here
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