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18 Apr 2014
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pinetown kzn
Advice pls I have a gbt and he's been eating and opening up for a month now, this week my clown hosted now he's decided to walk about and not eating found him on the sand in the front of the tank this morning, I moved him back to his original position. My 2 rbt are fine and have been in their place for a year now.
The gbt has not bleached just worried about him.

I wouldn't worry about him not eating.. The clown probably just disturbed him A little and so he made a run for it.. He will eventually settle. I don't actively feed any of my bta until I remember to... He will settle again.. More than often then in a place that doesn't suit you, ie: out of site behind your rock grrrrrr
Oh yes if you is wondering and in the sand he might blow up and get circulated round your tank, be very careful of power heads...
Thanks he has settled a couple of times then 2 to 3 days later moves on he's also half his size. Will watch him thanks
If he starts to bleach or even worse looks lifeless with his mouth wide open for a while then it's really bad... For now yeah just watch him.
You won't believe how resilient these guys can be... I have brought one of mine back from the dead twice out of desperation and he is looking better than ever.
Was worried last nite so turned all pumps off except sump. Hope he didn't find a pump today as not home fingers crossed
+1 for everything @Hingis had to say.

They like to be quite high up in your tank, as close to the lights as they can get - and usually very close to your flow pump/wavemaker. I find my quadricolor bta prefers to have significant flow running just over him, but not actually directly on him. When I first brought him home, it took him all of 30 minutes before setting off to find his new spot, and then he moved a few times (Admittedly sometimes with a little help from me to make him hate the position he had chosen), and then finally settled in a perfect spot for me, where he remains 6 months later.

when they settle, they prefer a crevice in the rock. they put their foot right up under a piece of rock, then extend themselves out and live like that. Mine goes through cycles (seems related to meaty feeding) where he deflates and expels all his old waste and zooxanthallae, in order to bring new fresh ones on board. during this time he looks very shrivelled and thin, but is back to himself the next morning and looking as good as ever. I wouldnt be too concerned that he looks small right now - their size can vary greatly, and if he is not settled yet, he may just be staying small to make it easier to walk around to find a new home.

As @Hingis said, the mouth is a good thing to watch - the moment it gapes open, hes in big trouble. If he hasnt bleached, and the mouth looks tightly closed, then I would say youre good :thumbup:
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Oh - on the clown - if your GBTA is quite small, and we're talking about a mature clown (larger), then it is possible that he could actually harm the nem by loving it to death. Just also something to watch for - the bta's dont like to be poked and prodded and pushed around constantly - even by the fish. They will eventually just give up and die...
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