Gauteng Marine Aquarist Association Meeting 17

6 May 2007
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Hi Reefer

After a very sucsessfull meeting at Animal Kingdom our next meeting will be at Luis (Fisheyes) at 110 15th street Orange Grove on Sunday the 4th of November at 11h00.

Keep the date book. We will post more detail soon.

Hi Fisheyes

Thanks for a magic meeting. We had over 25 members there and are looking forward to the next one at Adam. Will post detail
Thank you all for coming...It was a pleasure to have y'all...hope some one posts pics otherwise check out sa reef...stay well, till next time.Luis:)
Thanks fisheye, was a successful meeting, looking forward to the next 1 at your house:thumbup:
There was one 2 weeks ago at Exotics in Boksburg. Interesting chats, and the LFS gave a talk on some new system to medicate fish. Somehow, it wans't mentioned here this time. Anyone is welcome as far as I know, the idea is to promote the hobby, and learn from each other.
this sounds great!!
I'll think try it next time.
Can't we try to push the prices down on the corals ect.?
Because my LFS added 20% to all the products.
For a student this is a shock:71:
If it's held at a LFS they usually have good specials on the day. Keep a look out for the next one.
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