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2 Aug 2015
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Mnandi, Centurion
Sooooo, rAge time again in two months. Who is going?

I couldn't get tickets, they were sold out soo fast, it's not even funny... I almost cried. Lol

I can't believe the year has gone so fast!!!
What games are you guys wanting to get before the year is out?

Anyone seen the new pc coming out?
The organic molecular computer... Any thoughts on it?
to be honest, I don't even know what Starcraft looks like, I have never played it, is it any good?
I want to pre order the new assassins creed.
Hubby and I go every year to rAge on the Friday. Will most likely do that this year as well. Do you not buy the tickets at the gate?
As far as games go, most of the stuff of want is coming out next year so I hope that there are some previews at rAge :biggrin:
You can't buy at the gate as far as I know, the site said the tickets are only available through computicket, and they are sold out.
What are you looking to get next year?
I know the lan tickets work differently but 100% sure that you can buy the normal tickets at the entrance :)
rAge Johannesburg 2015 | rAge Expo
Tickets are pricy this year though o_O

As for games, Tekken 7 should be released next year, really looking forward to that!
The others are:
The last guardian (hope it is not delayed again)
Unchartered 4

I hope the next AC is good, unity was so bland after playing black flag...
Apparently the next "Activated Carbon" is going to be great. Haha.

All the games are boring after black flag, even old faves. Black Flag rocked, though 90% of the time is not doing quests, just taking down boats, upgrading and taking on the legend ships.

I didn't know that, great, so rAge is still a go. Now I'm excited all over again. Pity about the LAN, but there is always other LANs and there is always next year.
You know whatI did? I looked at the VIp all exclusive tickets, that's why I read they are only available via compuicket.

lol! Which day/s will you be going?

This year : AC Syndicate, The Nathan Drake collection and maybe rockband 4 (will be a bit pricey though)

Next year : Uncharted 4, Uncharted 4 and Uncharted 4

lol! I am also really looking forward to uncharted 4, the E3 demo sold me :)
Just hope that it is a much better game than 3.

I was thinking of going to rAge on Saturday, it seems to be a good day, right in the middle. Haha. Okay, is Uncharted a PS game? I haven't played it, or even seen it.
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Yup, playstation exclusive and really fun to play. :)
@Riaanv do you play StarCraft league?

Hi Butherman, not familiar with StarCraft League, I play some ladder but do not really have enough time to become good in StarCraft 2

I played thousands of hours worth of StarCraft 1, but those years did not have to earn a living :)
I played Diablo 1 and 2 but I didn't bother getting 3, my brother told me it was a let down and a waste of good money. I tried playing Wow, but I kind of lost interest and ended up with a keyboard impression on my face. o_O What is Hearthstone? Sounds interesting.
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