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8 May 2007
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The Transparent Cave Goby is a newly bred species of Fusigobius recently announced by Oceans Reefs & Aquariums. We got a close look at the new captive bred fish from ORA at their MACNA booth and this fish might not win over the rare and exotic fish enthusiasts, this charming goby still has a lot going for it.

Growing to about three inches long, the transparent cave goby is hardy, adaptable, and has quite a presence in the aquarium. Unlike some species of teeny tiny gobies, the ORA Fusigobius is bold and nearly commands attention by the way it sits in the front of the tank and presents itself.

With its erect fins, the ORA Transparent Cave Goby is an elegant fish with a pale, transparent coloration that is punctuated by a smattering of small olive yellow spots all over its body. This is the perfect kind of fish for ORA to offer to fish stores and saltwater tank owners who want species that are lively and active, hardy and easy to care for.

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