Fungia Plate

2 Jul 2020
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Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Just a confirmation of these fungia plates being the Ultra Gold Blue Tip variant as a part of this plate pictured started forming this fluorescent gold on a ¼ of its surface.

When not puffed up this exact specimen is only 25mm in diameter.

This picture was taken late morning to early afternoon.

By 20h30 this evening the fluorescence had spread to almost a ⅓ of the surface. It is insanely bright as it stands out 8 meters away from my tank.

It is brighter than my lumo/toxic green candy canes too.

I'm running an ATI Sunpower 6 bulb T5 unit with 4× Blue Plus, Coral plus and Actinic bulbs.

I will update this post again once the fluorescence has spread across the entire coral, well I'm hoping so.


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