RSS Full Spectrum version of KR90DR will be released from eco-lamp and Blue Harbor

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    As you know, eco-lamp released special KR93 called KR93SP in Japanese market by working with Blue Harbor and Eiji at 1.023World. *KR93SP contains 400nm, 420nm and cyan spectrum LED to mimic Sun light spectrum. *Now, eco-lamp and Blue Harbor is preparing to release KR90DR designed for LPS. Also fresh water model name KR90FW will be released.


    As you know KR93SP is a product to focus on the light spectrum for Corals especially SPS. *That’s why they include 400nm, 420nm and cyan spectrum. *KR90DR does not include 400nm LED, but still including 420nm spectrum.


    These special LED system lights are new in the market, so you may not be *able to find many tanks using these lights. *However, I have no doubt that there will be awesome tank with these special lights soon. *These models are only available in Japan, but it might be selling in Japan in the near feature.

    The price and actual release date is not officially announced from Blue Harbor, but the release date might be around this summer.

    via 1.023 world

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