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    We post the news that eco-lamps, Blue Harbor and 1.023World coraborates to create real full spectrum LED system light before. *Now it is sold in Japan through 1.023World online store. *What they focused on is to create sun light spectrum. *You can get some ideas from the picture above that the KR93SP can control the light spectrum for the depth of water. *They also selected LED based on their design and desires to create their state-of-art LED system light.

    When they released the KR93SP, Eiji at 1.023World compared KR93SP (50W) with Super-Cool (150W) metal halide light which is one of the most popular MH light for reef aquarium in Japan. *The spectrum of KR93SP is really amazing because it is almost same spectrum with Super-Cool MH light. *In addition of that, PAR value of KR93SP is higher than 150W Super-Cool metal halide light! *You can see the 3D diagram of PAR values for KR93SP and Super-Cool light.


    Also, compared with 250W MH and 150 MH. *It is really obvious that KR93SP has really good PAR values compared to MH we usually use in reef aquarium.


    Unfortunately, KR93SP are only sold in Japan and not sure they will sell it in other countries. *12inch model is 78,600yen which is around $1,000 with current exchange rate. *Highest model, 54inch, is 369,000yen which is $4,700.

    via [1.023World]
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