[wtd] Fuge Light & Fighting Conch (JHB)

5 Feb 2020
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Hey guys I'm looking for a fuge light that I can use to light up my Algae Scrubber since its setup over my now decommissioned fuge. My current fuge light decided to quit on me.

I do prefer the red spectrum lights as I've noticed a decrease in Cyano in my fuge when I moved away from White lights.

Lastly I'm also looking for a Fighting Conch Snail to sift my sand since sadly my adult Diamond spotted goby that I've had since I've started my tank up decided to hop into my overflow while I was at work and yea the filtersocks were in so RIP lil buddy. It's true what people say they find the smallest gaps and jump through it. He was an amazing sand sifter I had no brown spots my sand stayed as white as the day I put it in but now that hes gone I can see patches of brown algae and a small patch of cyano
25 Jun 2017
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JHB South
If you hear of a place selling fighter conch snails please let me know, I want some as well
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