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    Tank + stand for sale ​
    Cape Town - Goodwood ​
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    Collection only ​
    All sales to be conducted on the thread.
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    Hi All, i have this tank i need to sell because of space, i am in an apartment and lounge is cramped with this tank and everything else, it was my planted tank until a week ago, busy emptying it now.
    Dimensions : 900 x 450 x 450
    Material : Acrylic with rounded front corners (this tank can be picked up with one hand when empty)
    it is an AZOO aquarium, the stand is also AZOO. sure tank can be used as marine tank, it is however not drilled and there is no sump.

    Following extras will go wth tank :
    2 x small 300L/h submersible filters, 1 x boyu ad 1 x elite
    1 x large 1500L/h submersible filter, boyu
    1 x FLUVAL204 Cannister filter
    1 x 300Watt ViaAqua heater
    1 x 39watt PL light unit
    about 20kg substrate in tank can also go with tank.

    Price R3500
    Sharp ​

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