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    Hello L&G,

    so i have an amazing Light unit, but for my liking the light is too white,

    the bulbs i have now are all Korallen-Zucht apparently very very good,

    i have 1 fiji purple and 1 superblue which i want to keep

    and 4 KZ "New Generation" bulbs that i would like to swap,
    is anyone interested in swapping my new generation bulbs for any Blue, purple or pink 39 watt bulbs, 4 in my light unit is just to much white, ill swap 1, 2, 3 or all 4 no problem
    they are less than 3 weeks old, so pretty much brand new,

    or if you have bulbs that i can buy that will also be great,

    thanks all! ​
    - ​

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