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    I need help setting up this dosing pump. Got mine delivered 3 weeks back and I still cant get it to work...

    On receiving the unit I fist setup the date and time. Then I started with the calibration off pump 1 with the alkalinity liquid and did the same for pump two with the calcium liquid...

    After this I setup pump one to dose 264ml over a period off "24 cycles" and pump two for 48ml over a period off "24 cycles". I went to "Set working time" and set the time ass follow:
    P1 start 00:00 stop 23:30
    P2 start 00:30 stop 23:00

    I went lastly to the "Work mode" and set it to Auto "on"

    But I notice the pumps is not dosing any liquids due to the fact that the dosing containers is still full and the level does not drop...

    Can anyone please assist or advice how I can setup the unit to dose 250ml off alkalinity over a period off 24hours and 48ml calcium over a period off 24 hours????

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