[FS]: Non Nipping Coral Beauty: Cape Town

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    Big Bay
    Fish for sale
    Common Name:
    Non Nipping Coral Beauty ​
    Scientific Name:
    - ​
    Size of fish
    6-7CM ​
    How long have you had the fish?
    5 months ​
    Is the fish eating?
    Everything ​
    Shipping or Collection only:
    collection/delivery in Cape Town ​
    Your location.
    Cape Town ​
    R350 onco ​
    All sales to be conducted on the thread.
    • I agree
    Hey all,

    I have a very healthy, fat coral beauty for sale. He hasnt touched a coral in 5 months and I have brains, clams, softies and lps in my tank. He is a real beauty but he is a little too active in my tank. I have a few anthias and would like to add more.

    He is one of my favourite fish and I am real sad to let go of him. But I love my anthias more. lol

    He is Currently in my sump and I would like to find him a good home ASAP PLEASE.


    Sorry, I dont have a better pic. ​
    - ​

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