[FS]: Korean Angel Fish: Centurion , The Reeds

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17 Dec 2013
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Fish for sale
Common Name:
Korean Angel Fish​
Scientific Name:
Pomacanthus semicirculatus​
Size of fish
How long have you had the fish?
3 months​
Is the fish eating?
Flakes, live and frozen shrimp, pellets​
Shipping or Collection only:
Your location.
Centurion , The Reeds​
R 650.00​
All sales to be conducted on the thread.
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My wife bought this beautiful fish as a present not knowing they nib corals. Any one with a fish only tank who wants this beauty.​

naso vlamingi tang and ive got a pair of maroon clowns and filefish
plate coral candy cane frogspawn carpet anemone
Korean angel still available, just struggling to catch the bugger, don't want strip the whole tank
Rick can you catch a fish without stripping the tank down.lol

ok try this fish trap with his favorite food, dont feed first they need to be hungry, i have some big pellets that i put in the trap not feeding makes them more lightly to go in the trap when they can smell it, i put the trap in for a day or two and the fish get used to it being there if you can maybe put the foods only in the trap and they will get used to going to the trap to eat and when the fish you are after enters you got him,dont try chasing him all over it will just cause stress. Or clear a section at one end of the tank put a big net or some kind of barrier part way across and only feed in that section of the tank they will soon get used to going that side then close the barrier now you can net the required fish, let me know how you get on there is no rush it is for my private three meter tank regards Rick
They only eat Zoas and brains. Wil stay away from torches and the like and also sps. Some might touch frogspawn.
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