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    Full system sales or multiple items for sale.
    Thread title:
    JsREEFn's Ocean83 ​
    rondebosch east ​
    Shipping or Collection only:
    collection ​
    Photo's and description/list of items for sale:
    DT: 2mx600x600(10mm) ....R1500
    ST: 1.5m x450x500(8mm) ......R250
    Stand 2mx600x950 .....R200
    Skimmer: reefocto xp5000int cone ....R6000
    Heater: 2x300watt via aqua ....R150 each
    Phos reactor: reefocto (1000l/h) ....R1000
    Nitrate reductor powerLAB(1000l/h) ... R1000
    Kalk stirer powerLAB (1000l/h) .....R1000
    Carbon reactor powerLAB .....R1000
    PowerLAB auto top off unit ...R450
    PowerLAB ozoniser with skimmer and pump ..R800
    3xsun sun (2x5000l/h R100each, 12000l/h R150)
    Lighting: 3x150w MH +ballasts ....R150each
    4x900mm dual T5 units 39watt oddysea ..R500each

    ±80kgs @ R75a kg ....the more u take ,the less the place,A-graded pieces an lovely flat pieces for ledges

    Regal tang R450 8-9cm(MAC)
    Orange shoulder tang 5-6cm R295
    Yellow tang R500 5-6cm(MAC)
    Purple tang R1650 7cm(MAC)
    Bristletooth tang 8-9cm R280
    Percular pair 3cm R250 for both
    Diamond back goby pair 5-6cm R400 for both
    Bi-colour blenny R150
    Midas blenny R100

    4 cleaner shrimp @ R120each
    2 fire shrimp @ R150each
    Boxing shrimp R120
    Bristle star R50
    2 Nasarius R50each
    8 Dwarf hermits R20each

    Slipper coral R250
    Super trac lumo green R395
    Sea apple R250
    Whip Gorgonian R295
    Green finger leather R200
    Pulsing zenia R250 branching type (10-15cm round)
    Mini lumo green trac R150
    Larger rock green palyzoas R200
    Acan lord howzensis 5heads R200
    Acan lord green 3 heads R100
    GSP lumo x2 R200 each (10cm x5cm pieces)
    Large pincushion 25cm + R350
    Green monti 6-8cm R100
    Red monti 10cm+ R150
    Super Green monti (scarce) 15-20cm R350
    12 head candycane R350
    Various moon rocks @ R250-R350 each
    Branched alveopora R250
    2 head torch coral R150
    Large meat coral R400
    Rock of ±12 red shrooms R250
    Lumo green elephant ears R250
    Lumo green hammer R250
    Various palyzoa frags lumo green @ R100each
    Fox coral 2 heads 15-20cm R250
    Squamosa clam 25cm + R550
    Crocea clam 15cm 350
    Various purple shroom rocks @ R150 each
    Blue/green Zoa rock R295
    Vietnam (orange,red and green) zoas 195
    Pink Zoas (rare) 12 head frag R150
    Christmas tree worm rock ±12 worms R350
    Red flower pot coral R395 (rare)
    Cauliflour coral R150
    Chilli coral x 2 @ R150each
    Cabage coral R150
    Orange sponge R150
    Toadstool 15-20cm R170
    Various sps Frags @ R50-R150 a piece ​
    - ​

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