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    Hydor Koralia Wavemaker 2, 2 x Koralia 7's ​
    Centurion ​
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    Collection only ​
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    I have downgraded from a 6ft to a cube

    All in original boxes. I want R3500 for them.

    They are truly as good as new

    Here is my review that I posted in December

    Hydor Koralia = 110%
    Hi all,

    I thought I would give a review on a product that I bought form TSR.

    I was in the market for better flow pumps / wavemakers.

    I decided to go with the Italian make Hydor Koralia.

    MAANNNNNN am I pleasantly surprised!

    Spending a great deal of money on anything and hoping that it will suite your needs is a big deal as there are so many useless products out there on the market.

    I decided to go with the Hydor Koralia Wavemaker 2 with 2 x Hydor prof 7 pumps.

    I bought these from Nathan at TSR. I was extremely happy with the service form TSR.

    Nathan was more than willing to provide me with all the information I was looking for as well as answering all my questions.


    - The products are extremely well packaged and one can clearly see that 'quality' is what it is all about.

    - The Wavemaker is extremely well put together and easy to use.

    - The wavemaker has functionality that is great to use.

    - The pumps are completely shaftless and easy to open for maintenance purposes.

    - the pumps also comes with both magnets and suction cups for piece of mind.

    - The pump's speed control is also variable. (min max setup)

    - The wiring is proper and the plugs are sealed nicely to keep water out.

    - It is a matter of plug and play really.


    My setup is a 6ft tank. (1.8 m x 0.6 x 0.6) I placed the pumps in the back corners about 10 cm from the top water line blowing diagonally across at a bit of a downwards angle.


    - These pumps are super silent and you will not hear them at all.

    - These Koralia 7's are rated for 3600 - 12500 lph running at 5 - 19 watts.

    - They have no vibrations what so ever and switching between pumps are flawless.

    - In my 6 foot tank they blow the arragonite all over the place so I had to dial them down to abot 75% power.

    Wavemaker: (Easier than a cellphone!)

    - The placed the wavemaker on top of my sump. Teh wiring of the pumps are long enough.

    - It has a min setting (from 3600 - 125000 lph)

    - Also a max setting (from 3600 - 125000 lph, nb min must always be less tha max)

    - With the min max setting one can set them up for your specific needs

    - The wavemaker can alternate between the 2 pumps (ranging from 5 seconds to 6 hours)

    - Or they can pulsate so that both go on at max setting for a period of time and then both go to min setting for that set time. Nice wave effetcs.

    - You have sleep mode which sets both pumps to the min setting constantly blowing which slows things down for night time. A push of a button and one is back on normal mode.

    - A feeding mode which holds the pumps on min for 5 minutes and then automatically goes back to normal.

    - One can also attach a photo cell to the wavemaker which will automatically switch it to night mode when the lights goes out.

    I am absolutely 100% happy that I have spent money to buy this setup.

    The wavemaker 2 with 2 x Koralia 7's give wide serious flow and you will have plenty left in the tank so to speak.

    They will easily handle a 6ft setup with no problems what so ever.

    Much cheaper than Vortech and definitely just as reliable.

    This is a great product and I would recommend it any day of the week.

    Money well spent! ​
    - ​
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