[SOLD] [FS]: GHL Standalone Quad Doser: Cape Town- S.Suburb (Ottery)

Discussion in 'Hardware For Sale/Swap' started by Ayoob, 18 Mar 2014.

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    GHL Standalone Quad Doser ​
    Cape Town- S.Suburb (Ottery) ​
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    Decided to sell my Doser its hardly been used since purchased.
    Had a new LCD fitted that cost almost R1000 as the old lost a few pixels.
    Didn't really want to sell but its just standing around we're it could be put to good use.

    Brilliant unit top of the range Doser.
    Retails around R7800 to be accurate.

    Looking for around R4800 or best offer.

    Ill attach info below

    Dosing Systems

    Dosing technics

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    Dosing pump unit*without*integrated controller

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    2014-03-18 13.27.54.jpg

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