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24 Aug 2014
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Full system sales or multiple items for sale.
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Full Clown Breeding setup for sale​
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Collection only​
All sales to be conducted on the thread.
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Photo's and description/list of items for sale:
We will be traveling a lot in the future and will not be able to look after the system. System was setup to breed a variety of clowns including rare ones. I'd like to sell everything together so not looking to split up and sell separately. System is running for over a year added clowns as I found what I was looking for.

12 Tanks on stands with 2 sumps. Was going to use these for grow out.
Tanks (600x 400x400)
Sumps (1100 x 400 x 400)

7 tanks with stand + 1.5m sump
Tanks (300 X 400 X 450) 5 with double outlets
Stand designed to hold 10 tanks


Sump is 1.5m closed to keep evaporation to minimum


ts2 skimmer
+-25kg real reef live rock
+- 5kg live rock
1 300w jager heater
1 150w jager heater
3 200w heater
crushed coral
Return pump
reef octopus bio pellet reactor + pump (2 months old) added it to reduce nitrates due to heavy feeding. Couldn't get cheato to grow

Live stock
Bali Aquarich Helmet Picasso Clowns.
This pair is my favorite and are very expensive. They are bonded and breeding and have laid eggs twice (2). They will breed Helmets(5%), Picasso's, Percula's, Platinums (5%), Misbars and fancy Clowns

Midnight Clowns
Are now almost pitch black. They are bonded and pot bound can lay eggs any day but have not as yet. Will breed Midnights, Dominos (1%), and stripped and misbar black clowns.

Extreme Snow Onyx x Black Photon
This pair is stunning. Had to pair up snow onyx a couple of times before finding the right male. They are bonded, however the male is still young will be another 4 months at least before hes ready to breed. Haven't had time for video so here's some pics. Will bred blacks, black photons, extreme snow onyx , snowflakes, onyxs



Platinum picasso x ocelaris & Bangai cardinals
Clowns are not bonded yet. Cardinals has had eggs twice (2)

1 x 14w 14k led light (in above pic)
2 x 12w led grow bulbs (4blue 4red 4white 10k)
1 stc 1000 temp controler

Theres a phyto & Rotifer culture as well.​
There are a few extra odds and end. like pipe fittings, connectors, heaters, pumps,1 cleaner shrimp, 2 hermits gobie sand sifter. will take pics as soon as possible..

I'm looking for R30 000 for everything or closes offer. Will give people here time before taking to lfs or before splitting up.​

20150725 168.jpg

20150725 166.jpg

20150725 165.jpg

20150725 161.jpg

20150725 159.jpg

20150725 157.jpg

20150725 154.jpg

20150725 152.jpg

20150725 151.jpg
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Interested in pellet reactor if sold separately and depending on price
Hey @Pepper, sorry to hear the news man, one hell of a setup you got there... 2nd dibs on black and Picasso if splitting... Can pickup any weekend
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I really hope someone takes this whole setup, and continues this awsome side of the hobby that @Pepper has started!
This hobby needs more people that tank breed!
Well done pepper, and GLWS
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@Pepper dibs on the Benggai's if you decide to sell seperate.

Thanks Sanders
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@ Pepper dibs on the platinum as well, pending price.

Thanks you
Hi Pepper, I'll take all livestock should you not find someone willing to take entire setup
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