[SOLD] [FS]: Emperor Angel: Hermanus - Can collect in Big bay on Tuesdays,

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17 Jan 2011
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Netherlands - Huizen
Fish for sale
Common Name:
Emperor Angel​
Scientific Name:
Size of fish
+- 10CM, maybe a little bigger​
How long have you had the fish?
+- 9 months​
Is the fish eating?
Everything. flakes and frozen​
Shipping or Collection only:
Collection Only - I will deliver in Cape Town for R100​
Your location.
Hermanus - Can collect in Big bay on Tuesdays,​
All sales to be conducted on the thread.
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Under his hiding spot, quite difficult to take a good pic as he does not stay still.

Older pic, has grown since.

As the title says, I have a Big fat and healthy Emperor angel.

He is getting a bit big for my system and I am not able to spend much time
on my tank cleaning etc. So I need to reduce my bioload. Fish has never touched any of my corals and I have brain corals, donut corals,clams and loads of lps and softies. I do feed it a lot and like any other "reef safe" angel, if you keep them well fed, they will leave your corals alone.

Price is R750 if you collect. R850 if I need to deliver. I can deliver it on Sunday morning in Cape town or next weekend. I will attempt to catch it on Friday and Saturday.

My tank is also white spot free.​
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