[FS] cybertrac. for the people. car tracking systems/fleet management systems.

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    i have my own business here in durban. this is the new tracking sytems for cars/fleets, which was imported from the uk. it is the best in the market, as well as one of the cheapest.


    14201 Carjacking
    1245 Truck Hijackings
    80226 Theft of vehicles
    14481 House Robberies
    Most result in car theft as well
    This is a National Trend

    It’s a World First !

    Early warning function features in all units.

    Active tag for arming and disarming of units.

    Remote panic buttons available. (Final development stages)

    The unit will test itself every 12 hours.

    Remote firmware update.

    Fitment standards are monitored during and after each installation.

    Up to 10 days back-up battery live. (recharges in only 3 hours)

    Circuit breaker type fuse, resets itself.

    Intelligent vehicle battery monitoring.

    Violation notification via e-mail and or SMS.

    Variable no use times.

    True speed violation.

    Features currently being developed

    Ultra-sonic motion detector.

    Impact notification in case of accident.

    The Managing Director

    Cybergraphy Technology (Pty) Ltd
    P/Bag X7297
    30th September 2008

    Testing Cyber Tracking unit

    Dear Martin,
    The above unit was tested on 23rd and 24th September 2008 and can we announce that the unit passed the practical bench test as well as the road test.

    The bench test was performed in the presence of an independent engineer, Mr. N Sliep who was satisfied that the tests were done on a high standard.

    During the road test the control room was able the track the vehicle’s position within 60 seconds.

    The control room was able to identify when the external power supply and antennae were disconnected.

    Even the fact that the GPS antenna was covered with foil did not prevent the control room to keep track of the vehicle.

    With a cell phone blocker switched on the vehicle was parked under a concrete roof and the blocker was switched off.
    It took the control room 3 minutes to locate the vehicle.

    The control room was a bit confused with the procedure but after a while Robby managed to keep track of all the procedures and we want to thank him for his assistance during the test.

    We want to congratulate you on a well planned system and a control room and wish you well with the marketing of your product.

    This letter may be used to confirm the outcome of the tests conducted...

    The system will be introduced at the underwriting meeting on 2nd October 2008

    Chris Bezuidenhout

    Cost benefit is calculated based on dead kilometres and excessive idling on an 14 litre 6 axle Arctic Commercial Vehicle

    Monthly average distance traveled by a 6 Axle Commercial Vehicle : 20 000 km
    Dead kms 5-10% - assume 2% 400 km/month
    Average cost per km R 10.85/km
    Cost of dead kms R 4341/month
    14 Liter vehicle idling for two hour’s per day [1.4L X 2 =2.8L/day] 2.8L/day
    Diesel Fuel @ R7.40/Liter R 20.79/day
    Cost of excessive idling per 24 working days: R 457.00/month
    Total wastage: R 4799-00/month
    Monthly cost of Netstar system based on an all inclusive rental: R 538/month
    Savings per month per vehicle R 4260/month
    Annual saving per vehicle @ R3156-00/Month = R51 127-00
    Annual saving on fleet @ 25 vehicles = R 1’278’180-00
    for more information contact travis at wilsontravy@gmail.com


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