[FS] Complete Marine Tank For Sale

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22 Aug 2008
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Cape Town
Hi all.
I am moving house and will not be able to keep my setup any longer. Below is a detailed list of the setup and extras. I am asking R 5000.00 negotiable, everything has been cleaned and is ready to be sold and transported.
  • Boyu TL 550 (Includes UV sterilizer, submersible pump, heater, protein skimmer, built in lights and fans)
  • Aragonite (Enough to cover the base of the tank in a 5cm bed)
  • 3Kg of Fiji live rock (Broken up to be placed in the rear cavity)
  • Large artificial rock piece.
  • Boyu WM-1 Wave maker.
  • Extra heater for keeping the prepared water for tank cycles at the right temperature.
  • Air pump for prepared water.
  • Reef supplements for the tank (Calcium, buffer and PH boosters)
  • PSB Bio cycle additive.
  • Hydrometer tester
  • Filter media(Sponges, ceramic hoops, bio balls, charcoal, filter socks)
  • Sera aqua-test box (To test tank parameters)
  • Boyu JX-10 Intermittent switch for the wave maker.
  • Tedelex plug time for light cycles.
  • Original Boyu TL 550 tank stand.
  • Extras Included (Magnetic glass cleaner, silicon tubes, stop valves, water sample containers, switches for easy installation and removal of tank hardware)
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