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14 Jan 2015
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Chinese LED Unit x 2​
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Collection Only​
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Hi I have 2 x LED Units for sale, been running for 7 months at between 40% to 50%. Very bright

Units consist of 55 LEDs 3 watts each. Includes night lights and also programmable functionality setting various times of day. Lights have 2 Channels for whites and blues and manual knobs to adjust brightness. Lenses are 90 degrees.

Includes hanging cables. 3 x Built in Fans and Power Sources. I wanted to built them into my RSM 250 hood but they are too big. Lights are in excellent condition and worth much more

R3500.00 for both​

<TABLE style="WIDTH: 100%" borderColor=#fff cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 border=1><TBODY><TR><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">Part number
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">LED Quantity
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">Input Voltage
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">Beam Angle
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">Luminous Efficiency
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">Lifespan
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">Working Temperature(℃)
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">Size of Lamp Body
</TD></TR><TR><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">165W (55pcs 3w leds)
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">AC100V-240V
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">120 degrees
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">38500 Lm
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">50,000hrs
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(245,245,245)">(-20~40°C)
</TD><TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,235,235)">400x212x67mm</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>​

light specs.jpg



any idea of the weight of each unit ?
How well did your corals do under these lights?

Also, having watched the product demo, I wonder just how programmable they are - can you shed some light (See what I did there?:biggrin:) on this for me? Would I be able to program them to start at 10% and move to 100% over a 2 hour period, then stay on 100% for 4 hours, then fade back to 0% over two hours again?

It looked to me like they are only able to be dimmed by the rotary knob on top, but then the programming would simply turn them on and off at specified times, but only at the level currently set by the knob? Am I right?
Yes you're right. They are only dimmable via the manual knob. The timer can be set for which lights you want on for that certain time of the day. I used them for a week then my wife complained about the open top. We had an agreement-big tank closed lid or no tank in living room-haha.
Sorry this is the only pics I got, and they are at 40%


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Ok. In the interests of making this all as painless as possible and giving you a quick result, shall we say R3000 eft immediately and I'll send a courier tomorrow?
Then sold - pm being sent!
Well, after this post it is at least - needed a 5th on this forum before I could *doh*
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