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    We @ Pet Stop believes in variety as been the spices of life! That apply to ourselves and our pets & fish J:)

    So for our fishes we already have a wide range of frozen food, pellets, flakes and special foods on our shelves. BUT in keeping with that we added OCEAN NOTRITION FROZEN & DRY foods to our list.

    We already stocked the following frozen foods (1000 x 100g packets minimum)
    Localy packed:
    1. Ox heart
    2. Blood worm
    3. Brine shrimp

    Van Gerven
    1. Blood worm
    2. Brine shrimp
    3. Mysis shrimp
    4. Pacific krill
    5. Green food
    6. Fine Mussels
    7. Sea Quartet
    8. Lobster eggs
    9. Smelt

    Now we added OCEAN NUTRITION:
    1. Prime reef
    2. Angel fish food (marine)
    3. Trigger fish
    4. Shark
    5. Super shrimp (Gutloaded)
    6. Formula 1 Rdf for marines
    7. Formula 2 Rdf for marines
    8. Special freshwater mix
    9. Malawi fish
    10. Cichlids

    And VERY SOON (space allowing) the following will be added:
    1. Formula 1 marine
    2. Formula 2 marine
    3. Spirulina formula
    4. Marine mix
    5. Marine quartet
    6. Brine shrimp
    7. Mysis
    8. Lance fish
    9. Krill pacifica
    10. Chopped mussel
    11. Chopped cockle
    12. Squid
    13. Lobster eggs
    14. Cyclops
    15. Red plankton
    16. Bloodworm
    17. Daphnia (fresh)
    18. Spinach (fresh)
    19. Tropical quartet

    Yet another service making your visit to Pet Stop great!

    “Hooked on marines” greetings

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