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    Those of you who are big fans of fish tanks and giving them as much of the best frozen food possible will really like this. Avast Marine, purveyor of many of the hobby’s most innovative marine aquarium accessories, is apparently in the works developing an automatic frozen fish food feeder.

    A brief demonstration video on the Avast Marine YouTube channel shows a squirt of thawed, frozen fish food coming into the aquarium. For all we know, it could be someone at the surface using a turkey baster to add food but this supposedly shows the Avast Marine Auto Feeder in action.

    Just a month ago we got a first hand look at a complicated but effective home made, DIY frozen fish food feeder in Arizona made by a local reefer. Hopefully Avast Marine has something much simpler in mind and if any of their previous skunkworks projects are an indication, they’ll release a refined product when they are good and ready.

    First run of prototype frozen auto feeder - YouTube
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