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8 May 2007
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This past year we continued to see strong and steady growth in visitors to the website and thank each and every one of you for coming back time and time again. We decided to drill down into our website traffic a bit more and highlight a handful of top stories that interested you this past year.

Our annual roundups of the top products from the previous year always generates a lot of interest and last year was no different. Two of our biggest posts were our Editor’s Choice awards for top new products and top nano products of 2014.

LED lights have been a huge interest area for years and its no wonder two posts on a Kessil A160WE review and news on the new AI Prime LED drove big interest from our readers.

Despite providing incredible news about new products and innovations in the hobby, many readers are still interested in fine tuning their reefing chops. Mike Paletta’s post on growing colorful SPS coral and the top rainbow SPS and acropora corals had your interest.

Cool, new and intriguing stories on fish and other critters are definitely ones that capture your attention as well. Two of the biggest we posted were on the wonderful mandarin cat shark and the breakthrough of captive bred yellow tangs.

We are looking forward to an even better year in 2016 and seeing what great stories capture your attention.
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