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    Editor’s Note: Every so often we like to go and take a peek into the archive. We thought we’d share this post we did back in June 2008 doing what we do best — teasing you with the latest and greatest! Here is the link to the original post.

    Take this with a grain bucket of salt, but here is a new image from an alert tipster who shows what appears to be a new nano aquarium. Looks very similar to the Current Solana aquarium except that the main tank itself has a curved face or a bow. Interesting too is the matching aquarium stand to boot. With all of this leaves us thinking that their pendant lighting system (pictured) fits even better then their older (perhaps outgoing?) model. This nano aquarium would look very stylish in any office with the rounded or curved face. The image looks legit, keep crossing your fingers to hope that it gets released and not some sort of prototype.
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