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    The following post was first published just over two years ago. We think you’ll agree it deserves another go around.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    A couple months years ago we had the pleasure of sharing with you the teaser trailer to the then forthcoming Montipora movie from Vimeo user Delrious. Reef Builders had the good fortune of meeting Delrious who goes by Ben Wiggins in real life at the well attended BayMAC conference in San Jose CA. Ben is one of those truly pure geek reefer and we say that with the utmost respect. He held a showing of the full length Montipora movie at the BayMAC conference and we were as blown away as when we first saw the teaser clips. At the time Ben mentioned he was aiming to enter the film in some indy film festivals before making it available for web viewing but whatever the case, Ben has uploaded the full movie for your viewing pleasure. If you ever get to meet the gentle giant that is Mr. Wiggins, make sure you give him some serious props and even more serious beer. With this gesture of making such a high quality, creative and beautiful film Ben has forever made his mark on the reef aquarium hobby and the reefing culture around the world. So enjoy Montipora, the movie and lets hope Ben keeps making more movies like this.
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