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    As 2015 draws to an end I would firstly like to thank all our clients near and far for the ongoing support you have given us. You all make each day worthwhile. I wish you all a very blessed festive season and look forward seeing all of you in 2016.

    A special thank you to the forum owners and all the moderators, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your forums. Have a very blessed festive season. Thanks to my Aquaria Team for everything and enjoy the time off.

    “SEA” you all soon


    Please watch our [​IMG] Videos below….

    We will be closed from the Midday Wednesday the 23rd December and reopen the 4th January 2016. Please email us on in case of an emergency
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    Thank you..for always giving me good advise and always making a plan for us reefers to get quality hardware/livestock at very reasonable prices...have a splendid festive season :thumbup1:
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