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    Fritz-Zyme #9 was always a trusted go-to product for biological*remediation in new and overstocked*saltwater tanks to get them back in balance due to toxic ammonia and nitrite levels. With the plethora of enzymes and nitrifying bacteria additives on the market, it can be dizzying to wonder if any of these do in fact work. If first hand experience or word of mouth isn’t enough for you to be sold on Fritz-Zyme, there are some independent studies the company have on its website to help make an informed decision.

    Three reports from the University of Texas A&M Corpus Christi,*University of Nevada Las Vegas and Cal State Stanislaus put Fritz-Zyme head-to-head with other products. While there is plenty of information to sift through, we will highlight the most recent study from Texas A&M Corpus Christi the school’s mariculture program. The study was to test the viability of using commercial nitrifying bacteria in an indoor shrimp nursery.

    The study found that in the high-density shrimp system when adding Fritz-Zyme’s TurboStart nitrifying bacteria there was a significant reduction in ammonia and nitrite, allowing for increased production with less water exchange.* These closed system containing over 34,000 *juvenile shrimp in low water volumes and the tests indicated some impressive survival rates. Granted, shrimp systems and aquariums are different beasts but impressive none the less.

    Going slow and safe if the better way to go but you never know when biology decides to rear its ugly head on you and having some products that work on hand can save your critters and your sanity. If you want to find out more about these studies, head over to the Fritz-Zyme website.

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