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    Fritz Phosphate Control is a new liquid additive which is designed to quickly remove phosphates from aquarium water. Using Lanthanum as a primary ingredient, Fritz Phosphate Control also includes a small suite of other elements to enhance the precipitation reaction of phosphate and out of solution.

    The liquid phosphate remover will come in two sizes, a 16 ounce bottle which treats just under 2000 gallons of water and a smaller super concentrated dropper bottle with a volume of 1.7 ounce. Fritz has begun shipping the new Phosphate Control additives which should become more widely available over the following weeks.

    The use of Lanthanum to precipitate phosphate from aquarium water has been mostly reserved for large public institutions but with new hobbyist-focused additives like Fritz Phosphate Control we may soon see some growth in the use of LaCl as well as Lanthanum Chloride reactors.
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