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  1. Louwrens du Plessis

    Louwrens du Plessis

    1 Apr 2012
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    Middelburg MP
    Thanks to all of you to let me be part of this interesting conversation medium. As I mentioned in previous letter, I used to keep tropical fish as a child and as life progressed the time caught up and and other responsibilities took over. I have a child of 10 years old and he is now becoming very interested in fish so went out and got him a 15 l tank and a couple of fish. Currently he has an Oscar, Siamese fighter, a lot of Guppies and 2 glass-fishes.
    I am busy building him a tank (1200 l ) which will be standing in his room and I am doing serious planning in what kind of fish we will eventually keep. I also want to get him into fish breeding because it develops responsibility.
    If anybody have any advice on kinds of fish and all kind of new technology that can be useful (remember it is 40 years since I stopped), please let me know!!!

    Louwrens du Plessis (Middelburg MP)
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  3. erratiC


    8 Dec 2010
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    Hi Louwrens, welcome to the hobby - it's quite a bit different than freshwater so just be aware of what you're getting into before you start.

    Start reading in the Beginners section and go from there - there is a load of useful information to help you with anything you might have questions about and the people on here are more than happy to help you keep our fish friends alive and happy.

    Good luck!
  4. belindamotion

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    24 Jan 2011
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    Pinetown,South Africa(KZN)
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