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    Welcome to the latest Friday Smorgasbord with all the tasty tidbits of the cool and unusual. In honor of it being World Oceans Day today we’ve got a super ocean-themed post ahead. First and foremost, World Oceans Day not only urges you to become more educated about the ocean but about preserving the wondrous resource. As hobbyists we do take from the ocean but collectively, we have done a lot to preserve, rehabilitate and push major scientific advancements beyond just basic husbandry. This year’s theme is*“Youth: the Next Wave for Change,”*with many events focusing on inspiring the younger generations. Make sure you scope out the*over 250 events*happening around the globe. And to put a famous quote into the cause, “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…” because even Dr. Seuss is getting in on the celebrations with more than 100 institutions*planning Dr. Seuss-themed events.


    Next on the tour is a trip to one of our favorite companies — Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums. National Geographic’s TV show “Fish Tank Kings” gets a tour of ORA Farms facility when Living Color’s resident fish geek Francis Yupangco takes a tour with ORA President Dustin Dorton in this weeks episode airing on Saturday, June 9 at 10 p.m. Get a behind the scenes tour that will definitely make you you appreciate what ORA does (just in case there were a few stragglers left behind). So tune in Saturday and support Dustin and the ORA gang.


    Residents of Alaska got a rare treat on Tuesday evening — no it wasn’t Venus passing in front of the sun but the full moon and its alignment with the sun combined to send a short wall of water rushing back into Turnagain Arm creating a three-foot high wave that gave surfers and kayakers reason to celebrate. The bore tide may not be much when compared to the monster waves crashing at Mavericks in Northern California but was exciting enough for Alaskans. Bore tides are considered nature’s “tidal waves” — occurring when incoming tide builds into large dramatic front as it rushes into a narrow channel or river against the outgoing current. Turnagain Arm is the only U.S. locale where the bores strike with regularity, year and an opportunity for surfers and kayakers to ride a rare wave to the beach.

    [via Alaska Dispatch]


    Finally, we love underwater photography and know many hobbyists love to dive, so what better way than to combine a HD video camera and dive goggles. So whether you are a diver or just want to get up close and personal with your aquarium, check out the Liquid Image Scuba Series cameras. The Wide Angle Scuba Series HD is an integrated dive mask and camera that records HD 720P video (1280×720) at 30fps along with 5.0MP still images. The depth rating on this model is 40m/130ft (plenty enough for recreational dives). The mask can hold up to 32GB in the SD/SDHC card slot and features a lithium battery that will give you around 2,000 still images or up to two hours of video. The masks are designed to be operated with dive gloves and run around $350.

    [via Liquid Image]
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