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    Saturday, June 8 is World Ocean Day (WOD) and to commemorate the day, we’re dedicating our Friday Smorgasbord to observe the day. First off, the WOD organizers are asking you to “Wear blue and tell two!” tomorrow. Wearing blue is showing support for ocean conservation but that can only do a little. By telling two people*why you’re wearing blue and share two facts about why it’s important to protect our world oceans. Looking for ways to participate? Here is a list of events for tomorrow.


    Looking for a way to help restore our reefs? Ken*Ken Nedimyer and the team at Coral Restoration Foundation are looking for volunteer divers to help with coral restoration efforts. Join Ken and CRF in Key Largo for a dive workshop where you will get a series of educational lectures about the program and process culminating with hands-on dives to restore corals.*All the team asks is*a $50 donation per diver per day (high school and college groups are $35 a person). The next workshop will be June 20-23. If you don’t dive or can’t make it down to help, donations are always welcome.

    [via CBS Miami]


    The Guardian posted this*short film, narrated by oceanographer Sylvia Earle, featuring hand-drawn animation to illustrate how fragile our oceans are and to raise awareness for the need to protect the seas from pollution and overfishing.

    [via Guardian]


    Want a fun game for your kids that doesn’t involve violence and has an educational component? Check out the free iPad game SUPERFUGU. For $2.99 you get a game with*stunning underwater scenes and delightful animated fish that closely resemble actual species. The object is to explore a coral reef to find and rescue trapped fish. Starring Fugu, a pufferfish with a “can-do” attitude, kids direct him through treacherous waters filled with biting eels, deadly sharks and stinging sea urchins. The visuals were created by*Andy Jones, Avatar’s Academy Award winning Animation Director, and**It offers educational science tidbits, narrated by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle, about each species of fish rescued.

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    As Aquariusts we were very inconspicuous in our conservation effort for world ocean day on MASA.

    Did the Admin not know of the " world ocean day" ?

    Extremely disappointing. IMO. Does not send out a warm fuzzies to our peers. :(

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