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    Welcome to the last Friday Smorgasbord of the winter as we hit the first day of spring next week. We’ve got some fun bits of news to kick your Friday off in style. First off, we know the Great Barrier Reef is one of the top reefs in the world but what about all the others? Thanks to the Weather Channel, there is nifty rundown of the “World’s 10 Most Amazing Coral Reefs“. Check them out, since they are all amazing.

    [The Weather Channel]


    We’re fascinated with ways to get beneath the ocean’s surface and take a peek at the*wondrous underwater world so when we saw this rundown of 17 one-person submarines at Ginzmode, we knew we had to share. We have seen many of these already but there are a few of them that caught our attention including this submarine car**invented by Michel Andre in 1937. Make sure you take a peek at the other 16 subs.

    [via Gizmodo]

    This courageous*beach goer (and a bit crazy) helped wrestle a shark away for children at a beach, but what does he get for his acto of bravery? He got fired. Yup, appears the man was on medical leave at work and when the video made the news, his employer saw the video and fired the man.

    [via CNN]


    Asian carp suck. They are invasive, jump into the air hitting people on boats and other watercraft and just plain suck. Fishermen in Western Kentuck have harvested nearly 40 tons of this fish from local waterways. The fast-breeding Asian carp’s exploding population has infested lakes and tributaries all along the Mississippi River. The competition attracted about 20 fishing teams from Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.


    We loved the photobombing ray that popped up a few months back, but think this image is right up there.*Although*there isn’t much information available for this image, we love that this toddler and stingray are sharing a “high five” and a photographer was on hand to document it for the masses.

    [via eTN Images]
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