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    The first Friday of February and winter is in full swing for much of the US and heading into*Groundhog*Day (who needs six more weeks of winter?) and Super Bowl Sunday we have a few intriguing bites of smorgasbord goodness. Leading off is one imaginative photographer, a handful of cool miniature people and various sea creatures. These underwater images Scubazoo’s Jason Isley but toghether are fascinating, funny and brilliant. From corals, to sea slugs to Nemo’s revenge — these are worth a look!

    [via The Sea Monster]


    Now this might not work well with water, but as the technology advances it could provide for some pretty cool (and possibly recyclable) electronic gadgets. Electronic paper is a*remarkable*advancement and could usher in a new breed of cheap, bendable, disposable, and maybe even recyclable electronics. For use in electronics,*paper does show some upside since it is lightweight, flexible, biodegradable, and it comes from a renewable resource. We could see some*interesting*uses in creating smarter test strips, indicators and other aquarium-related gizmos.

    [via IEEE Spectrum]


    We love fish paintings and we were excited to hear about artist*James Prosek‘s new book*Ocean Fishes.*Besides capturing fish in an amazingly realistic way, each of the paintings in his new book are actually life sized. Prosek rose to acclaim in 1997 with the release of his book Trout: An Illustrated History. In the new book, he urges people to see nature, and especially the fish he loves so dearly, in a new light: Forget taxonomic checkboxes and biodiversity and ecosystem services, and think about a single creature’s life. Read more about his journey and inspiration at WIRED.

    [via WIRED]

    We’ve heard a lot about the grounded US Navy ship and the*Tubbataha Reef and its role in the global maritime ecosystem. But how important really is it and why should we continue to protect it? Here is an interesting snippet on why it matters.
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