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    It’s Friday and here is another edition of our weekly smorgasbord of weird, wacky and interesting. Starting off is the discovery of a 100-million-year-old ocean found under the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. US Geological Survey (USGS) hydrologists drilling discovered what is likely the oldest body of seawater ever unearthed. The water was discovered a kilometer below the bay but no news on any weird critters emerging.

    [via RedOrbit]

    The ocean has delivered some crazy creatures and this long-nosed chimaera fish is one to add to that list. The rare chimaera was recently caught in the waters of Canada’s Nunavut territory.

    [via Pawnation]

    The first 3D map of the Great Barrier Reef has been produced thanks to Germany’s EOMAP and researchers from Australia’s James Cook University and University of Queensland. Although numerous research and mapping projects of the GBR exist (including Google’s Reef View), this is the first comprehensive digital version ever produced. Over 350,000 square kilometers have been mapped with 3D representations available for depths up to 30 meters.

    [via The Register]
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    Wouldn't mind playing with one of these gadgets. Wonder how much they will cost over here? @AD Donovan
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