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    This interesting Tumblr has visual examples of this question “Dude, have you guys seen a lizardfish (Synodontidae) eating a fish?” The entire site is pictures of the lizardfish eating other fish and what ensues is some interesting imagery to say the least.

    This amazing video shows how the Museum Victoria in Australia filmed animals in six locations in Port Phillip Bay for its virtual aquarium dome, Underwater Backyard. They caught some amazing video including what 100,000 spider crabs look like marching across the sea floor. Pass the melted butter please.


    Southern California’s Knott’s Berry Farm is bringing a new attraction that is part ride, part 3D movie and part video game named “Voyage to the Iron Reef”. “It’s like riding a roller coaster and watching a movie and playing a game all at the same time,” said Eric Marradi, creative director for Triotech, the Montreal company building the ride. The ride is set to open next year.

    Actor Ian Somerhalder lent his voice to this coral reef video by Conservation International in their series of “Nature Is Speaking” videos. The main takeaway from this video and the other is, “Nature doesn’t need people, People need nature.” Well said.
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