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    For those of us in the US, we’re sluggishly returning back to normal after a day of fireworks, BBQ and parades but we still have a Friday Smorgasbord to share some of these interesting nuggets. To lead things off we have the iconic James Bond underwater Lotus that is heading to auction. Besides Jaws, this Lotus submarine was one of the most iconic parts of the Bond franchise in the 70s. The white Lotus Esprit from 1977’s “The Spy Who Loved Me” is headed to auction in London on September 8-9.

    [via NY Daily News]


    Our friend Francis from the NatGeo show “Fish Tank Kings” performing surgery on a shark egg to create a viewing window to be able to watch the shark grow. Check out the video clip at the NatGeo website or tune in this Saturday (June 6) to see it during the latest show.

    Science is making new strides with the use of opensource and crowdsourced sharing of information. Ocean research is a costly endeavor but one team is looking to tap into the sharing economy to remove one costly barrier to scientific progress. The workhorse of ocean research is the using a conductivity, temperature and depth instrument, known as a CTD, that is lowered into the water. This team is looking to create a CTD for under $200. Color us intrigued.

    [via Nature]

    Sharks. Tornados. Sharknado? Our friends at the SyFy channel are trying to one-up Sharktopus and its latest movie Sharknado at least has Tara Reid. Want to see what happens when a shark-filled tornado attacks? Tune in next week.
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